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Farm View

The Farm Experience

Looking for a unique way to elevate your event? Our farm experience is sure to impress your guests!

Our farm experience offers a range of options to make your event unforgettable. Guests can explore our interactive educational displays, be a farmer for a day, and learn about everything that goes into farming. Additionally, we offer demonstrations, which include butter churning, corn grinding, and more! Book us for your event now!

wooden sheep display


Educational signs about worldwide importance of goats. Breeds of goats display board. Goat milk, meat and fiber information display. Life size wooden dairy and meat sheep.

cartoon cheese wheel
beef display


Almost life size wooden beef steer. Painted on one side, the other size has beef cuts. This exhibit will focus on animal by-products and the importance and usefulness of cattle, not just for beef and dairy products but also cosmetics, leather, tallow, button, bone China, the list is astounding. Includes information signs. 

wooden sheep display


Wool display with samplers of wool. Display of wool garments. Breeds of sheep posters, sheep uses: meat, wool and by products. Life size wooden sheep.

cartoon basket of meet
cartoon wool


For an additional hands on experience, we provide a variety of sensory items including animal feeds, cattle and sheep hides, wool products, beef by products etc.

kids playing in corn
cow hide display

Educational Displays

All Creatures (2).png

Our goal with our educational displays is to connect children (and adults) with animals in agriculture. Todays society (in the states) is so far removed from the farm and understanding the basic principles of animals in agriculture and further, animals in our daily lives, that we want to bridge that gap.


Our displays are two-fold: Fun and interactive for children and educational and interesting for adults. Our displays are attractive and meant to draw peoples attention. The signs have many interesting facts and information, they are easy to understand, and relay to younger audience. There’s plenty of hands on for the younger generation! We are continually adding and working on ways to make this a great learning experience!

cartoon girl milking cow
child playing in chicken coop display


Nest boxes with plastic eggs, stuffed chickens sitting on eggs. Children can take a small plastic basket and gather eggs.

This has proved hugely popular. 

pig display


Lifesize wood pig cutouts. Focus on pork and pork by-products.

Signs on breeds of pigs, both commercial and heritage. 

display of meat cuts on pig
child milking pretend cow


Two almost life size wooden cow cutouts. One painted Holstein one Jersey.

Will have bucket “udders” that fill

With water and kids can try their hand at milking. There will be educational signage on dairy cattle.

cartoon milk carton

Farmer for a Day

All Creatures (2) 2.png

Looking for a unique and informative event experience? Look no further! Our program offers your guests the opportunity to immerse themselves in the life of a farmer for a day. They can participate in activities such as branding, gardening, veggie dining, and sheep shearing.


Curriculums and worksheets are provided for school programs.

All Creatures (2) copy 2.png

Build a Brand

Kids can get help from our staff designing their very own brand! Great sit down activity.

Gardening & Planting

Large garden boxes where kids can plant corn and beans! May have sprouted seeds on display.

Veggie Digging

Garden boxes with plastic veggies that the kids can “harvest” and (take to farmers markets) wooden fruit trees with velcro fruit to pick. 

Farmers Market

Go “shopping” at the Farmers Market! Browse thru our kid size farmers market and gather your favorite items in baskets.

Shear a Sheep

Kids can use plastic “clippers” to shear “wool” off of our wooden sheep.

Activity Boards

Giant magnetic boards with cattle, pig and lamb pictures and magnetic cuts of meat to put in appropriate places.

Sensory Areas

Giant bins filled with corn, beans, hay/straw, wool and soils.

Gather Eggs

Nest boxes with plastic eggs, stuffed chickens sitting on eggs. Children can take a small plastic basket and gather eggs.

Fiber Station

Display of fiber products from different types of wool.

Farm Equipment

Toy farm equipment, plastic farm animals, plastic barns, rocking animals, and a seating area for parents.


All Creatures (2) 3.png

Our daily demonstrations offer a unique opportunity to witness traditional techniques and experience the charm of the past. With showcases including grain grinding and butter churning, we provide a variety of experiences that are sure to captivate. Your guests will be transported to another time through the magic of our demonstrations and learn something fun along the way. 

Breck 34566uytjfghdsd(2).png

Candle Making

Real candle making demonstration with real beeswax. Educational Bee Display displayed all day (no live bees). 

Butter Making

Guests can churn cream into butter using a paddle churn. This ties in well with our milking display.

Grain Grinding

Guests can participate grinding grain the old fashioned way, both corn and wheat. Educational signage discussing grains, history, & nutritional info.

Bread Making

We will pick a few audience members to help us make bread. We provide instructions on bread making and recipes!

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